Youth Spend Time Chasing Fish Through the Ice on Pewaukee Lake

Twenty-one students, ages 6-12, ventured onto Pewaukee Lake after school to expand their ice fishing knowledge beyond the basics.

Pewaukee After School Ice FishingPewaukee Elizabeth FishingPewaukee Perch

Their experiences included the opportunity to jig for panfish using the latest in sonar technology from Vexilar, and strategically locating productive areas on the east end of the lake to set finesee tip-ups for Crappie and Walleye after dark.

Vexilars on PewaukeePewaukee Tip-up Pewaukee Walleye

The action-packed and often humorous sessions contained anywhere from 4-6 students each night who invested their time from 4:30pm-6:30pm 2-nights a week throughout the month of February.

Nolan Pewaukee PerchConnors panfish from Pewaukee Lake

During the various group outings, the students faced the elements head-on ranging from warm and slippery glare ice, to blizzard-like conditions.

Through it all, 80% of the students enrolled in these ice fishing opportunities with HookedUp101 caught at least one fish for their efforts and every student shared two unique learnings at the conclusion of each session that they hadn’t previously known related to the sport of ice fishing.

Allie and Kaylees Pewaukee Lake CrappieAJ and Connors Crappie from Pewaukee LakeCrappies in the blizzard on Pewaukee

Some of the added benefits that can’t be denied were the fact that many new friendships were made amongst the groups, cabin-fever was successfully treated by a few students, and one group got to spend time as an extended family doing something new and exciting in the great outdoors with his cousins who were in town for a spell.

To receive updated ice fishing information on how to secure a similar experience for the anglers in your family, please visit the following link:
Ice fishing for kids in Southeast, Wisconsin

New Friends on Pewaukee LakeCousins Catching CrappiesFishing in a snowstorm on Pewaukee Lake


Guiding Muskego Cub Scouts on Ice

Ground Hog DayIt was the day after February 2nd, and I found myself in a role similar to Bill Murray in the 1993 classic comedy “Ground Hog Day”.

In case you haven’t seen it, Murray’s character wakes up day-after-day to relive Groundhog day over and over.

Jumping out of bed early, there was that exciting and familiar routine–charging the Vexilars, finalizing tip-ups, retying jig rods, gassing up the power auger, and heading to the bait shop to grab bait–it all seemed exactly like the schedule I followed to prepare for yesterday’s outing at Muskego Park.

However, as familiar as the preparation may be for having young anglers on the ice, this time I was blessed to be fishing with the Muskego Cub Scouts from Packs 100 and 18 at the same venue.

Waukesha County Park Ice FishingMuskego Park Ice Fishing

Sixteen enthusiastic scouts walked onto the ice this morning with their parents and leaders to gain insight into the sport of ice fishing…a few of them for the very first time!

It was, hands down, one of the best groups to share the ice with!  Not only were they polite and courteous, but they asked great questions, volunteered creative answers to posed questions, AND each of them lived the Cub Scout Motto on the day as they truly “DID THEIR BEST”!

Their cooperative efforts in drilling holes, skimming holes, and setting tip-ups provided a few flags courtesy of some nice largemouth bass.

IMG_4358Muskego Park Scouts

On the day, most of the fishing action was in the form of hand-to-hand jigging action as the troop quickly acquired the skills necessary to interpret signals on the Vexilars resulting in quite a few bluegills and crappie on the ice.

Below is a recap of some of the Scouting fun!  I enjoyed it immensely and would certainly do it all over again tomorrow!

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Ice fishing for Scout Groups in Southeast, Wisconsin!

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First Ice Northern Pike Fishing to start the 2013 season

Waukesha County Ice FishingJust completed a 4-hour ice fishing trip with a young client on a smaller Waukesha County Lake (120 acres).

Arriving at the launch, we were greeted by a small fawn strolling through the area.  He kind of stopped and gave us the nod as if to say, “It might be slow for some out there, but you guys will catch a few”. Love advice like that!

Fawn at the Boat Launch

The weather was overcast with air temperatures in the low 20’s and winds gusting up to 20mph out of the Northwest.  A light snow/rain mix fell as the 100% humidity in the air had a bit of a sting to it.

We set up our Clam Base Camp Thermal Hub as a jigging station in 10-12 foot of water to jig for panfish while keeping an eye on our flags for Northern Pike.  Our tip-ups were set up on a small weed flat near shore in 5-7 feet of water.

After 15 minutes into the trip we had our first flag of the night.  This was Eric’s first crack at landing a pike on a tip-up.  The following video proves he did pretty well!

We managed a few more Pike flags with smaller Northern during the remainder of the trip.  Jigging for panfish proved challenging as they would appear on the Vexilar but remain tight lipped on a variety of presentations.  Lockjaw was removed about an hour prior to the end of the trip and Eric iced a few bluegill and crappie.

To see HookedUp101’s ice fishing details regarding guide trips for youth and families, please click the following link to learn more:


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Ice Fishing for Scout Groups in Southeastern, Wisconsin

Fishing is often considered a popular activity for the Girl, Cub and Boy Scout groups especially during the spring, summer, and fall.

Having the unique opportunity to be located in Wisconsin, where our lakes, ponds, and backwater river areas are frozen for a better part of 4 months out of the year, HookedUp101 Fishing Academy routinely provides an ice fishing curriculum, and all the supplies & materials necessary for the youth scout groups to experience an increasingly popular version of the sport.


The various scout groups that we’ve had out on the ice engage in the following activities in small, cooperative groups:

  • Acquire a safety focused education on how to participate in the sport of Ice Fishing and the tools utilized to do so
  • Learn how to cut holes in the ice safely by themselves
  • Target and Catch fish using different baits and lures while jigging and utilizing tip-ups.
  • Utilize 21st century technology such as GPS, Vexilar flasher units and Underwater Cameras to learn more about the underwater eco-system thus developing a deeper understanding of fish behavior during the winter months.

Here are a few examples of groups we’ve had out!

Contact HookedUp101 for information on booking your Scout Group for Ice Fishing this Season!

Dropshot Techniques to Catch Waukesha County Smallmouth

The focus of the trip this  morning included utilizing Navionics lake map chip information and Humminbird side imaging technology to locate post spawn/early summer smallmouth and then target them using a dropshot.

Young client, Eric, found active fish relating to sharp rock and gravel breaks in 16-35 feet of water positioned near pods of baitfish.

Once located we sat on top of the fish with Down Imaging Technology and 2D sonar in order to tempt the fish with that dropshot presentation.

A few marker buoys were utilized for reference in order to keep our boat positioned in the key areas and we were fortunate to experience some immediate success!

Eric’s setup included a 7’M action Abu Garcia Veritas spinning combo spooled up with 10lb Berkley Fireline (main line) and a 2 foot section of an 8lb Berkley fluorocarbon leader joined by a small barrel swivel. His presentation included 4” Berkley Power Finesse Worms and Zipper Worm Company’s 3.75” dropshot shaker worms on a #1 Hookerz Tackle Octopus Hook.
This drop shot technique proved to work well on this early summer/post spawn day, however it doesn’t ONLY apply to this time of the year! Check out how Eric utilized the same tactics during a recent cold front!