Chilly Walleye Fishing on Lake LaBelle

Chilly Walleye Fishing on Lake LaBelleLake LaBelle offered the young clients this morning some pretty tough spring fishing conditions to target walleye.

img_1216The boys showed up bright and early at the pier on LaBelle with the windchill from the 20 mph gusts in the mid 20’s!

But given these hard core anglers decided to exhibit their tenacity, bunker down, and get after those elusive walleye.

First stop of the trip to some shoreline rocky cover was in order to get the boys acclimated to the conditions and warm up by casting the windblown shorelines for smallmouth bass.

img_1215Mark did hook up with a nice smallmouth bass who must not have gotten the memo on acting lethargic with the cold front. This fish came airborne on his initial hookset and gave us quite the tail walking show before breaking our hearts as he came unbuttoned right next to the boat.

img_1210With the wind behind the boat, the boys’ really had to focus on their casting to avoid snagging the various trees, docks, and other shoreline cover that these smallmouth like to use early in the morning. It seemed that if the conversation in the boat turned just a little too silly, sure enough they’d be hung up  😆

In order to keep the spirits high and the boys engaged, we decided to move off shore and start to focus on the goal of getting them on the walleyes deep!

On the first pass we missed 3 bites that had us thinking we would succumb to some short striking fish!

BUT the boys preserved and on the next pass the walleyes that bit our live bait presentations were solidly hooked by this time and placed in the bottom of the net with some great teamwork!

BONUS TIP: If ever faced with a spring time cold front in Waukesha County, targeting Crappie can be a fun way to enjoy fishing with friends as well!