Ice Fishing Before the Front on Rock Lake

Ice Fishing Before the Front on Rock LakeFishing the afternoon prior a heavy, winter weather system moves through your part of the country can find an ice angler reaping the benefits of some phenomenal fishing action.

The change in barometer and incoming overcast conditions make the fish act as if they’ve never eaten before.

img_0680The Vexilar lights up in each and every hole indicating numbers of fish present and as soon as your jig begins its decent down the ice hole, a couple eager bluegills are in a race to see who can put that bend in your rod first!

It’s pre-frontal days like this that has the tip-up flags at full mast and spindles racing with gorging northern pike acting as if the shiners hanging below were the last meal they’d ever eat.

HookedUp101 took a return trip to Rock Lake in Jefferson County yesterday. This 1300-acre lake contains a community of ice anglers who know how to have fun! There were hamburgers and steaks on the grills outside the ice shanties, music was playing, footballs were being tossed about, and ATV’s were giving children sled rides off the back.

You’d typically think this traffic and commotion would make the fishing conditions tough, but on the day before a strong snow storm, the fish sure didn’t seem to mind!

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.46.53 AMWe set up camp amongst several other groups of fishermen but got dialed in to a nice weed edge in 13-14 feet of water off a flat containing 6-8 feet of water. The nice green weeds on top of the flat held plenty of northern pike in the 24-27″ class. We went 4 for 6 on flags on this day. When the game fish are this cooperative it’s hard NOT to have fun!!

Check out one of Eric’s tip-up battles in this short clip below.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.37.37 AMWhile waiting for flags, we jigged the deeper sparse green weeds with a variety of presentations for bluegills which continue to get bigger and bigger each year on this lake. Eric found the “magic lure” in a white 1/80oz Berkley Atomic Dogbone tipped with a glow white plastic. This combination actually out fished the white jig and 2 live spike presentation I was using to search for Eric’s next hot hole.

If we were keeping fish, Eric would have easily had a nice limit of 15-20 bluegills in the 7-8″ class!

BONUS LINK: Click the following link to check out a 37″ Northern Pike on School Section Lake we caught in similar passing front conditions!