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Spring Panfish with HookedUp101The ice is off the lakes and it’s a great time to get outdoors after a long winter to explore a number of the smaller lakes in Southeastern, Wisconsin for aggressive panfish using live and artificial presentations! Crappies and bluegills pulling on the line are a great way for kids to spend their weekends or the days off from school during spring break. Fish is always a great motivator letting kids know that summer is just around the corner. We’ll catch numbers of fish but buckle down for the last part of school and finish your year out strong!


Spring Fishing for bass with HookedUp101The opening day of the gamefish season is the first Saturday in May! Hungry and Aggressive Post-Spawn Walleye and Pre-Spawn Bass are a blast to fish for with a variety of erratic artificial baits! If you’re looking to brush off the winter rust and gain some insights into long casts and effective retrieves for solid hook-ups, this is the month to get after it! Muskies are also on the feed in the shallows so it’s a great time to learn how to use a bait caster and practice your figure-8.


IMG_1875A great month to play video games OUTDOORS!
Using Humminbird Electronics rigged on the Skeeter boat, we’ll be able to search out and target deep water gamefish using a variety of live-bait and artificial presentations. It’s always great observing young clients having a blast as they can visually see their bait going down to awaiting fish on the graph. Guided fishing trips are a great way to start off the summer!
It’s also a great time to break out the musky trolling gear and leisurely wait for a bone jarring strike from the top of the freshwater food chain!


Sawyer's 36" Nagawicka Northern PikePatterning BIG deep water (20-40 feet) Northern Pike with live-bait rigs in numbers is certainly a special outing for kids and families as they’ll truly feel like they’re on summer vacation! This is the opportunity to catch a bunch of big fish and it’s not uncommon to learn that the kids’  have caught some of the biggest freshwater fish of their lives!


Summer Bass Fishing with HookedUp101The time of summer that fits any anglers strengths but also allows for success while learning something new! It’s a shallow and deep fishing affair as big large and smallmouth bass will be in multiple locations. Fish moving back to the docks allow for great target practice as we’ll make skipping Berkley soft plastic presentations offering a potential memory with every cast. Fish can also still be targeted off shore with drop-shot rigs as well.
If it’s walleye you’re after, the is a great opportunity to sit back and relax while we troll for numbers of walleye on a nice summer day or evening! Kids have routinely caught 10 fish in 4-hours with this tactic.


LakeMichiganBrownTroutIt’s back to school time, but weekends and after school are still a great time to grab a friend or family member and head out to the lake to catch a bunch of fish! Patterns for muskie trolling will start to appear strong again. King Salmon on Lake Michigan will be staged up ready to follow the cool waters towards shore for their annual migration. There is nothing better than battling a 15-20lb Great Lakes Trophy on light spinning tackle as they pull drag on their notorious 100 yard runs while putting up a 10-15 minute battle! A great cure for the back-to-school writer’s cramp! Large Brown Trout are also able to be caught by families trolling in the harbor towards the end of the month.


Pewaukee Lake Muskie Trolling with Aaron and NickThis is truly the time for young anglers to target Wisconsin’s state fish with teeth, the musky! They’ll begin feeding up for winter as autumn arrives and they love to chase the boat and the big baits  as we’ll troll and cast for the freshwater fish that makes Wisconsin well-known. Musky on Oconomowoc, Pewaukee, and Okauchee Lakes make it a great time to take advantage of an awesome resource right in the heart of Lake Country! You might just catch the biggest freshwater fish of your life and have a photo or two for show-and-tell at school!


9945As long as temperatures stay mild there are small 3-4 hour feeding windows where big walleye, smallmouth bass, pike, and musky feed like crazy during the first light hours on the weekends and just after school in the evenings. Want a shot at a BIG musky. November is your month! November is also a great time of year to head back to downtown Milwaukee and chase Brown Trout in the Harbors. It’s urban fishing at it’s finest a mere half hour away!


Typically this month is busy for families with the holidays right around the corner and the first semester of school drawing to a close. It’s also a waiting game as anglers in Southeastern, Wisconsin are generally checking the extended forecasts for an arctic blast or two in order to firm up some safe ice conditions and bring about a white Christmas! Be on the look out for early ice conditions during the holiday break as that’s usually the time HookedUp101 starts venturing out for the first ice fishing action of the year. Some phenomenal catches are caught every year during the first few trips of the ice season!


TaylorpumpkinseedThere’s nothing wrong with a New Year’s resolution that involves some type of increased physical activity! In fact I’ve had countless groups of families that enjoy coming out after the holidays to burn off some ‘energy’ chasing Northern Pike on tip-ups and jigging for panfish and walleyes in the comfort of heated Clam Ice Shelters. Plenty of scouting will take place before your trip so all your group has to do is walk out to your predrilled holes and cozy ice shelters to start fishing! Each member in groups up to 5 will have their own Vexilar Sonar Unit to use in order to gain access visually to what’s going on under the ice!


School Section Lake Northern PikeMid-winter tip-up action can be fast paced while  fishing for Northern Pike on select Lake Country area lakes. Groups of crappies and other panfish can result in youth anglers spending a trip catching fish hand over fist. Whether tip-ups or jigging the ‘hot action’ will keep your group of ice anglers excited and warm while they anticipate the next flag on a tip-up popping or the next red mark on the Vexilar closing in on your jigging presentation!


Late Ice Panfishing with HookedUp101Arguably one of the BEST parts of the ice fishing season is targeting numbers of aggressively feeding panfish during the late ice period. Pleasant 30+ degree days sitting on a bucket in the sunshine is just what the doctor ordered! Let’s soak up some Vitamin D and catch plenty of staging panfish in deep water using Vexilar Sonar Technology! Video games on ice! A great time for friends!


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