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Lake Keesus Bass Fishing

Lake Keesus Bass FishingLake Keesus is a great destination for summer time bass fishing trips!

It’s a sleepy, little lake located in Merton, Wisconsin that offers active largemouth bass in the 11-14″ range that consistently cooperate. A very important component to keeping kids excited about their next cast!

It isn’t uncommmon to have anglers in the boat catching double digit numbers of fish using finesse plastic presentations like the Berkley Havoc Beat Shad rigged Texas Style on a Berkley Fusion 19 2/0 worm hook.

Check out some of the action that can be expected in the following video!

To learn more about successful Lake Keesus tactics, feel free to contact me or book a trip to learn first hand the fun Lake Keesus has to offer!

Skipping Docks for Bass and Pike on Middle Genesee Lake

Earlier this summer I received an email from a mom interested in securing a guide trip for her son on their home lake, Middle Genesee, located in Waukesha County.
ArrivalHer son, Ben, is currently a 14-year old freshmen and he and his family recently moved to the lake this past winter.  
During their 7 months in residence, Ben and his family had heard about some fairly productive Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike action being present, however they weren’t always successful in finding these species of fish when they would attempt their family fishing outings.
Kids similar to Ben’s age are generally pretty active with their summer schedules–and he was no exception!  The guy plays quite a bit of baseball!  It took some doing, but we were able to get a 4-hour trip on the schedule before officially starting his high school career.
DockskippingThe goal for the trip was to provide Ben and his Father with some techniques and tactics to utilize when fishing for Bass and Pike after school and on the weekends.
I met Ben and his Dad, Dennis, on the dock at 6 AM and the boys were ready to go.  They jumped aboard and we got to fishing straight away.  You see…fortunately the family lives on a very productive part of the lake in regards to the shoreline structure and cover available for bass.  So good, in fact, that while demonstrating the first technique on the very first cast, a Largemouth Bass decided to strike right next to the boat…We then had the feeling it was going to be a good morning 😀
BennetjobI turned the reigns over to Ben and we began to work the trolling motor thoroughly down their shoreline hitting every piece of productive cover that would provide an ambush point for a Largemouth Bass or a Northern Pike.  We didn’t get more than 10 casts further into our adventure when a smaller, feisty Northern Pike jumped on Ben’s presentation and found the bottom of the net…It was Ben’s first Northern on his home lake!
Now…it wasn’t the biggest Pike on the lake, I’m pretty sure…but what’s more likely, given Ben’s casting abilities, is the fact that the Northern Pike are officially in trouble from here on out!
Ben proved to be very capable with a spinning rod and reel combo in his hand.  And given his existing proficiency, it was time to show him how he could begin to effectively approach the docks on his lake.  We went to work learning how to efficiently skip docks with soft plastic lures while I provided some insight for Ben regarding which docks on his lake would generally be the most productive targets for him.
Bens largemouthbassHe got the hang of skipping docks right off the bat and his accuracy enabled him some pretty immediate success as I found myself scrambling for the net while Ben put a pretty nice Largemouth bass in the boat that was sitting right at the corner of a dock.
Ben went on to successfully probe the docks and other various shoreline cover throughout the remainder of the trip, which resulted in a few more tussles with some Genesee Bass.
Great job Ben!  With a few new tricks up your sleeve and some technique specific baits in your arsenal, I know you’ll have a great fall fishing season.  Have a great start to the school year buddy!
CLICK to catch the Middle Genesee Fishing Sequel with Ben and friend…Ben!