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Weitzer Boys Celebrate Cousin’s Birthday on Nemahbin Lake

Weitzer Boys Celebrate Cousin's Birthday on Nemahbin LakeGot out with the Weitzer boys to celebrate their cousin Ben’s 10th birthday on Nemahbin Lake.

Last year I met the family following a High Interest Day event at Brookfield Elementary School where I was fortunate enough to introduce K-5 students to the sport of fishing.

Following that event, they embarked on a Father’s Day Trip on LaBelle for walleyes and smallmouth.

Now it was time to reconnect for this special birthday celebration with Ben, Noah, and Gabe as we targeted Large and Smallmouth Bass as well as Walleye and Crappie.

We started out casting Havoc Beat Shads, and Gulp Sinking Minnows on the flats of Upper Nemahbin.
The first 30 minutes Noah tangled with a Smallmouth Bass that was kind enough to give us an “aerial hello” before giving a sly smallmouth smile and spitting Noah’s hook.

Then the chilly wind started to blow out of the Southwest so we changed up slightly and started throwing Berkley Cutter 90+s on the windblown flats of Upper Nemahbin and almost instantly Gabe took a nice 16″ walleye.

Around 7:30 a.m. we moved to Lower Nemahbin and started drifting for Crappie with slip bobbers and fatheads minnows. The smaller the minnow the better it seemed. Each drift on key stretches of Lower each had the kids catching at least 1 every pass with a few “escape artist/bait stealers”. The key was keeping the minnows pretty tight to the bottom and in their faces. If we drifted too fast, the bait would come up too high and the Crappie were reluctant to chase.

Finally, we spent the last part of the trip back throwing Cutters on Lower and the Largemouth cooperated there as well, but they were even smaller!

The boys jumped out of the boat at 10:00 a.m. and for Perkins to enjoy some pancakes with mom and dad. Fish stories were told I’m sure!

Fathers Day Bass and Walleye on LaBelle

Fathers Day Bass and Walleye on LaBelleLake LaBelle has historically been a hot lake for bass and  walleye, during the month of June–specifically Father’s Day Weekend.

It has been the setting for many memorable fish catches for dads to share with their children! This past weekend was no exception!

During a 4-hour morning trip beginning at 5:00 AM, Glen celebrated his special day with his sons Noah, and Gabe.

IMG_1508Many father types choose to sleep in on their special day, but this group was up before the son knowing that the early morning hours on LaBelle can be an exciting opportunity to catch shallow smallmouth bass on a variety of presentations.

We chose to wake the smallmouth with 1/8oz Berkley Gulp Heads tipped with Berkley PowerBait Pro Grubs. We also had Berkley Havoc Grass Pigs texas rigged on a 1/0 hook and a 1/16oz tungsten sinker above the hooked pegged with a bobber stop.

IMG_1502After investing the first 30 minutes of the trip getting Noah and Gabe comfortable with their Abu Garcia Cardinal SX 6’6″ spinning combos, the fish responded in kind within the next 15 minutes on one Bparticular stretch of shoreline. From the back of the boat Noah put 3 smallmouth bass in the boat in short order!

We quickly made sure Gabe’s rod had the same presentation at the end of his line and he got his battle with a smallmouth underway!

IMG_1511JPGBefore putting a cap on the trip, we couldn’t part ways without spending an hour searching for LaBelle’s famed walleyes. We live bait rigged for these fish in 20-30 feet of water and with 10 minutes left in the trip, Gabe reeled in a nice 16″ fish and Noah was nice enough to hold it for a photo!

Great Fathers’ Day Memories Weitzer family! Have a great summer and enjoy your upcoming camping trip to Devils Lake! If you get any fish photos be sure to send them my way!

NOTE: Here’s an extended link recapping other HookedUp101 Father’s Day Fishing on Lake LaBelle!

Contact HookedUp101 to book Father’s Day weekend as a great gift idea!

Rhys and Kyle Fishing Nagawicka and LaBelle

About this same time last year, Rhys took his 1st fishing trip in the United States after moving to Wisconsin from overseas.

He had quite the adventure catching 10 Northern Pike in 3 hours!

This summer Rhys has had his good friend Kyle, from Dubai, stateside for an extensive stay.

He invited his guest out with HookedUp101 for a couple fishing trips to Nagawicka Lake and Lake La Belle.

Here are a few of the fish they caught!

LaBelle was a Success for Matthew’s First Fishing Trip

Matthew's WalleyeHookedUp101 youth angler, Matthew, hopped aboard to fish Lake La Belle to target Bass and Walleye.

Matthew mastered the side cast with his spincast rod, began to feel comfortable throwing a spinning rod/reel combo successfully, and learned how properly Matthew's Largemouthfishing a live-bait rig can produce walleye in water deeper than 20 feet!

Matthew’s total count on the day was:
6-smallmouth bass
1-largemouth bass
1 1/2-peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
1-beef jerky stick
1-Bag o’ Pretzels
1-Mr. Leton’s Powerades 🙂

It was a great day on the water Matthew and I’m glad the light rain held off until after your trip!  Great job picking spots out on the lake that you’d like to try and fish!  They were winners!

Check out Matthew’s day on the water in the video below and afterwards you can link here to see him catch a couple more big ones with his brother and cousin!

Matthew, Nick and Their Cousin on Nagawicka Lake