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Nagawicka Lake Northern Pike for the Bucket List

Aiden Chases Northern Pike for the Bucket ListFor Aiden’s birthday fishing trips in May, he generally is looking to get after a new species of fish to cross off his freshwater bucket list. During today’s trip he was interested in chasing Northern Pike on Nagawicka Lake.

With summer coming to an end, and school about to begin, Aiden was looking to get back in the boat for one more trip during the open water season to seek out a Northern Pike or two.

IMG_1984JPGWithin the first 5 minutes of arriving at our initial location and even before we could get all our live bait rigs set, Aiden’s first battle with his target species was underway as the drag from the Abu Garcia Orra undoubtedly indicated a Northern Pike had engulfed his minnow.

IMG_1985JPGAfter some coaching on how to land, photo, and safely release these fish while avoiding their teeth 🙂 Aiden quickly expressed with confidence that he would prefer to handle all the ensuing fishing action on his own with no help from me.

IMG_1983JPGWhether it was fetching the next minnow, hooking them up, deploying the rig, checking the drag, monitoring weeds on the line, and of course landing the fish, Aiden was all about taking over!

THAT is what it’s all about! Nothing like the sport of fishing to help bolster confidence and excitement!

IMG_1991JPGStorms were approaching throughout this 4-hour trip and we did eventually have to take a 20 minute break to seek shelter from rain and some thunder/lightning, but the clouds parted again, and Aiden was back at it to make sure we got full use of the dozen minnows we had brought along for bait!

In the end Aiden boated 9 nice Northern Pike and with these photos he’s got evidence that he’s now crossed them off his freshwater fishing bucket list. As we idled into the ramp he was already discussing what species he’d like to go after next time!