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Pewaukee Lake Summer Fishing Action

Pewaukee Lake Summer Fishing ActionThis week Pewaukee Lake has offered some great summer fishing action for the kids enrolled in HookedUp101’s guided fishing trips offered in partnership with Pewaukee Parks and Recreation Department.

Pewaukee Lake Largemouth BassWith surface water temperatures approaching the low 80 degree mark the larger gamefish have seemed to move their deeper haunts near schools of suspended baitfish and the kids have targeted Northern Pike and Largemouth Bass by using both live bait rigs as well as finesse dropshot rigs respectively to pursue these species.

Pewaukee Lake Bass with SolomonWhile air temperatures hovered around the low to mid-80’s, the fishing action remained hot as well as Colton, Travis, Solomon, Madison, Ryan, Joe, and Aditya all boated some great fish and shared a bunch of laughs while enjoying the great outdoors on their home body of water!

THAT is what summer is all about!

Lake Keesus Bass Fishing

Lake Keesus Bass FishingLake Keesus is a great destination for summer time bass fishing trips!

It’s a sleepy, little lake located in Merton, Wisconsin that offers active largemouth bass in the 11-14″ range that consistently cooperate. A very important component to keeping kids excited about their next cast!

It isn’t uncommmon to have anglers in the boat catching double digit numbers of fish using finesse plastic presentations like the Berkley Havoc Beat Shad rigged Texas Style on a Berkley Fusion 19 2/0 worm hook.

Check out some of the action that can be expected in the following video!

To learn more about successful Lake Keesus tactics, feel free to contact me or book a trip to learn first hand the fun Lake Keesus has to offer!

Pewaukee Lake Guide Trips 6-26-17

Pewaukee Lake Guide Trips 6-26-17Pewaukee Lake continues to be pumping out great panfish action for the kids of HookedUp101.

So good in fact that the kids have even resorted to getting experimental to see if they can catch fish using raisins for bait!

If you’re looking to learn more about how to get on consistent panfishing action on Pewaukee Lake with your own kids, feel free to get ahold of me!

The following video recaps trips for Sawyer and his friends Owen, and Noah as well as Owen’s trip with Colin, and Charlie.

Pewaukee Lake Guide Trips 6-20-17

Pewaukee Lake Guide Trips 6-20-17HookedUp101 began guide trips this week on Pewaukee Lake in partnership with the Pewaukee Park and Recreation Department!

Groups of up to 3 anglers are embarking on two 3-hour trips to learn the basics on how to enjoy fishing on Pewaukee Lake.

Tuesday June 20th saw 3 groups go out and become proficient at identifying at least 3 different freshwater fish species, utilizing a spinning rod/reel combo, applying a variety of
artificial and live bait presentations.

The kids are also interpreting down and side imaging sonar as well as GPS and lake counter mapping.

In addition, each participant will receive their very own Shakespeare rod/reel combo with a line, a tack pack sampler and a Hooked Up 101 Fishing Academy t-shirt following their last session.

The following video highlights the 3 groups who took part in the fishing action on Day 1 of these trips! Enjoy!

Late Summer Walleye Trolling Southeast Wisconsin

Late Summer Walleye Trolling Southeast WisconsinLate Summer is an opportune time to explore new, potentially productive waters in Southeast, Wisconsin and trolling is an effective technique for targeting big walleyes.

The particular lake we chose to fish receives moderate pressure from anglers and recreational water sports enthusiasts throughout the summer months.

BUT as the summer begins to wind down, the lake becomes less pressured and trolling several lines targeting deep water walleyes is a great way to reap rewards and scratch that exploratory itch!

As a fishing guide who has been on the water this season for 195 hours since the opening weekend in May, exploring new water with a willing client is a refreshing way to pass on the enthusiasm and excitement  that comes from the sport of fishing!

While these “go for broke” missions aren’t always successful, the following video highlights the fact that these trips can ramp up an anglers fascination for the sport when hunches about a fishery are confirmed!

As a BONUS HOT TIP: I Highly recommend that if you’re in the Southeast, Wisconsin area and you’d like to get confidence in trolling for walleye during the summer, target Lake LaBelle in Oconomowoc to gain confidence in the technique!

Pine Lake Northern Pike Fishing

Pine Lake in Waukesha County offers some phenomenal Northern Pike Fishing for kids and families.

The trick to finding these fish is to utilize your boat electronics and scout out potentially productive areas areas while idling before even casting a line.  Watching your graph is key until you come across images that indicate loads of bait fish in the water column!

When you find bait fish stacked between 25-30 feet during the summer months (Beginning of July through the end of August), you will certainly come across some aggressive Northern Pike.

Take a peak at the following video highlighting how we pulled 3 nice Northern Pike from the depths in a short morning trip on Pine.

Pine Lake  can be like that for many game fish species in regards to locating forage before attempting to wet a line. Another example can be seen in a previous post highlight the smallmouth bass action that can be had at Pine Lake in the Fall.

Oconomowoc Lake 48″ Musky

IMG_1875Anglers fish for various reasons throughout their lifetime.

Generally when we begin our careers in fishing we long for that first tug on the line. Soon we progress to seeing how many times we can make that happen in a given trip.

Eventually anglers begin to set personal goals that involve pursuing fish of a specific species and landing one of the largest of it’s kind.

This trip was just that….

The fish of a lifetime type of trip.

Check out the attached video below to see a snippet of Eric’s 90 minute battle with one of Wisconsin’s majestic freshwater predators, THE MUSKY!

Beefed up Live-Bait Rigs are a great way to target these fish during the summer. Check out how trolling can be another effective means to target musky in this post on Pewaukee Lake

Sawyer’s 36″ Nagawicka Northern Pike

Sawyer's 36" Nagawicka Northern PikeSawyer headed out onto Nagawicka Lake in search of some larger Northern Pike with his father Chris to put a cap on the last trips to this lake for HookedUp101 for the summer.

Over the past few summers, his older brother’s, Owen and Gavin, have had all the bragging rights in the family in regards to catching mid-summer giant Pike from Lake Nagawicka!

This season Sawyer was determined to give them a run for their money. He had a pretty stellar 3-hours boating 5 nice legal Pike!

Check out this video of him landing a beautiful 36″ Northern (with a little rod help from the guide at the young anglers request  🙂 )

Trolling Lake LaBelle

Trolling on Lake LaBelle in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin can be a marvelous way to fish for walleyes with kids!

Covering water at pace and a variety of depths simultaneously can be a great way to start a trip. If majority of your shallower presentations are getting a majority of the action, it may be a great option to begin casting to the flats. If the fish on the deeper side of the boat are the most active you can switch to live bait rigging for them and really directing these respective areas.

In the process of trolling, kids may catch a variety of other game fish as well. Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Musky, and even White and Yellow bass will be more than willing to attack a crank bait or a crawler harness on LaBelle.

Check out the video for a small sample of how this technique is effectively applied! Thanks for watching!

Once you’ve figured out the ins and outs of the technique on LaBelle, take that confidence and apply trolling to your arsenal while targeting other Southeast, Wisconsin walleye fisheries to explore for bigger fish!