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Pewaukee Lake Summer Fishing Action

Pewaukee Lake Summer Fishing ActionThis week Pewaukee Lake has offered some great summer fishing action for the kids enrolled in HookedUp101’s guided fishing trips offered in partnership with Pewaukee Parks and Recreation Department.

Pewaukee Lake Largemouth BassWith surface water temperatures approaching the low 80 degree mark the larger gamefish have seemed to move their deeper haunts near schools of suspended baitfish and the kids have targeted Northern Pike and Largemouth Bass by using both live bait rigs as well as finesse dropshot rigs respectively to pursue these species.

Pewaukee Lake Bass with SolomonWhile air temperatures hovered around the low to mid-80’s, the fishing action remained hot as well as Colton, Travis, Solomon, Madison, Ryan, Joe, and Aditya all boated some great fish and shared a bunch of laughs while enjoying the great outdoors on their home body of water!

THAT is what summer is all about!

Madison Chain of Lakes Spring Bass Fishing

The Madison Chain of Lakes is notoriously a fun place to take kids to catch bass in the springtime.

It also holds a special place in my heart as a guide as in my younger, bass fishing tournament days I was fortunate enough to win a fairly prominent bass tournament in 2009 and honestly haven’t been back since!

One of the joys of educating kids about fishing is passing along knowledge about the sport that can benefit them in the future. On this particular trip, my client for the day will be enrolling in the University of Wisconsin-Madison this fall and to be able to show this future Badger the lay of the land while catching some chunky Largemouth Bass was a great way to spend the day.

In the morning we casted 1/4oz Berkley War Pig Rattle Traps, and Havoc Beat Shads and 4″ Grub Tails rigged on a 1/4oz Gulp Heads! Darter Jigheads, When the sun came out mid morning we went to flipping shallow wood cover warmed by the sunshine as it pulled bass looking to spawn up to the shoreline cover to stage.

The following video highlights a few of the fish caught utilizing the mentioned techniques.

School Section Lake Boasts Consistent Fishing

School Section Lake Boasts Consistent FishingAs mentioned in a previous post regarding Moose Lake, there are many smaller lakes (less than 150 acres) that don’t receive near as much fishing pressure as their larger counter parts in Waukesha County and therefore produce some great fishing for kids.

School Section Lake is another gem that resides in Dousman, Wisconsin. At just over 100 acres, this lake has always produced a great time for the HookedUp101 youth anglers through the ice!

img_1931Fishing this through this rough spell in August, we decided to take the fishing fun to School Section for an open water adventure for Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike.

Using a combination of top water frogs and white spinner baits, Eric was able to put some pretty nice fish in the boat in a consistent fashion which always brings about smiles and evokes memories and stories of fish caught in the past.

img_1925If you’re currently looking to get on some steady game fishing action  or your typical lakes haven’t been producing the way you’re used to, I strongly encourage you head out to Dousman to give School Section Lake a try! Just beware of the dinosaur and alligator on the south shore 🙂


Moose Lake Has Fun Fishing For Kids

Moose Lake is a Fun Lake for Kids
Moose Lake in Waukesha county is a Fun Lake to take kids fishing.

Moose Lake is a 80 acre lake in located in Nashotah, Wisconsin that has an abundance of panfish, largemouth bass, and northern pike that is a blast for kids to catch.

The aggressive nature of the panfish makes this lake extremely attractive for the adult looking to ensure there kids accompany to the lake and do not leave empty handed. Bluegills, Pumpkinseeds, Crappie, and Perch all provide the kids with almost limitless action throughout the course of a trip.

img_1812These fish are also prone to engulf small artificial baits, like the Cubby Mini-Mite and Berkley Atomic Fish Fry without hesitation so adults aren’t constantly having to rebait the hook for the youngsters present.

There is a nice concrete boat lamp and landing pier for easy boat access. The launch site has limited parking for 4 truck/trailers, 1 car, 1 handicap Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.59.49 AMslot, and 1 handicap truck/trailer spot. The weekends can find these spots taken during the summer months so plan to arrive early to get your spot OR try to time things late in the evening right before dusk as boaters are coming off for dinner. There is also an accessible fishing pier the offers shore fishing opportunities as well!

IMG_1852With the “dog days of summer” upon us, where late July and early August daytime temperatures are near the 90 degree mark, the water temperatures also rise and the fish become more difficult to find and catch, we’ve been taking trips to smaller Waukesha County lakes like Moose in order to keep the kids having fun fishing from the HookedUp101 boat!