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Nagawicka Lake Northern Pike for the Bucket List

Aiden Chases Northern Pike for the Bucket ListFor Aiden’s birthday fishing trips in May, he generally is looking to get after a new species of fish to cross off his freshwater bucket list. During today’s trip he was interested in chasing Northern Pike on Nagawicka Lake.

With summer coming to an end, and school about to begin, Aiden was looking to get back in the boat for one more trip during the open water season to seek out a Northern Pike or two.

IMG_1984JPGWithin the first 5 minutes of arriving at our initial location and even before we could get all our live bait rigs set, Aiden’s first battle with his target species was underway as the drag from the Abu Garcia Orra undoubtedly indicated a Northern Pike had engulfed his minnow.

IMG_1985JPGAfter some coaching on how to land, photo, and safely release these fish while avoiding their teeth ūüôā Aiden quickly expressed with confidence that he would prefer to handle all the ensuing fishing action on his own with no help from me.

IMG_1983JPGWhether it was fetching the next minnow, hooking them up, deploying the rig, checking the drag, monitoring weeds on the line, and of course landing the fish, Aiden was all about taking over!

THAT is what it’s all about! Nothing like the sport of fishing to help bolster confidence and excitement!

IMG_1991JPGStorms were approaching throughout this 4-hour trip and we did eventually have to take a 20 minute break to seek shelter from rain and some thunder/lightning, but the clouds parted again, and Aiden was back at it to make sure we got full use of the dozen minnows we had brought along for bait!

In the end Aiden boated 9 nice Northern Pike and with these photos he’s got evidence that he’s now crossed them off his freshwater fishing bucket list. As we idled into the ramp he was already discussing what species he’d like to go after next time!

Sawyer’s 36″ Nagawicka Northern Pike

Sawyer's 36" Nagawicka Northern PikeSawyer headed out onto Nagawicka Lake in search of some larger Northern Pike with his father Chris to put a cap on the last trips to this lake for HookedUp101 for the summer.

Over the past few summers, his older brother’s, Owen and Gavin, have had all the bragging rights in the family in regards to catching mid-summer giant Pike from Lake Nagawicka!

This season Sawyer was determined to give them a run for their money. He had a pretty stellar 3-hours boating 5 nice legal Pike!

Check out this video of him landing a beautiful 36″ Northern (with a little rod help from the guide at the young anglers request¬† ūüôā )

Rainy Northern Pike Get Fired Up on Nagawicka

Rainy Northern Pike Get Fired Up on NagawickaThe Northern Pike on Nagawicka Lake historically provide some stellar action for youth and families during the month of July. The mid-summer rainy fronts that move through with the humid weather have really had an impact on the bite as the fish tend to fire up right before the rain jackets get put on.

IMG_1850JPGAndrew had his son Collin and daughter Ashley out for a little early morning action before the sweltering air temps and humidity set in over the lake.

This crew went through a dozen minnows and we actually had to head to the shallow sand flats to catch small perch to continue the trip with bait!

IMG_1852JPGIn the end Ash and Col each put several fish in the boat and Collin came away with bragging rights as his first Pike of the morning ended up being the biggest of the trip at nearly 30″ in length!

IMG_1853JPGHe’s now done pretty well for himself catching the big smallmouth in May on Nagawicka and now mastering mid summer Northern Pike techniques!

Well done crew!

Keenan Catches Northern Pike on Nagawicka for 6th Birthday

Keenan Catches Northern Pike on Nagawicka for 6th BirthdayKeenan jumped aboard with HookedUp101 to celebrate his 6th birthday by catching  BIG Northern Pike that have been biting on Nagawicka Lake.

He has seen his brother, Jackson, catch fish earlier this season on their home lake of LaBelle fishing in the Skeeter.

The attached video depicts his efforts during his 3-hour adventure to catch some of the biggest fish of his young fishing career!

Nagawicka Smallmouth Bass Wonderful Southeast Wisconsin Resource

Nagawicka Smallmouth Bass Wonderful Southeast Wisconsin ResourceKids of HookedUp101 and their parents have spent the latter part of May and early June enjoying a wonderful resource we have in Nagawicka Lake in Southeast, Wisconsin. The Smallmouth Bass Fishing is absolutely wonderful this time of the season!

img_1257At 900+ acres in size, approximately 90 feet deep at it’s deepest point, and filled with a rich perch forage base for gamefish, Nagawicka Lake has some great contour structure and cover to provide these bronzeback feeding machines a great habitat for growth.

As spring turns to early summer, the smallmouth bass are just coming off the spawn and the steep breaks near spawning flats on the west side of the lake are notorious for holding numbers of post-spawn fish that are looking to feed up and recoup from their  annual procreation rituals.

PBBPT25-BRGROne of the best techniques for targeting these hungry fish is dragging a 3 1/2″ PowerBait Power Tube in Breen Green color rigged on a 1/4 oz. Tube jig. This presentation closely mimics the perch in Nagawicka and the smallmouth bass can’t handle this presentation dragged in front of their noses.

img_1246We’ll typically cast these baits up wind paralleling the drop off and then let the wind drift us perpendicular to the flats keeping the boat in 17-22 feet of water. Methodical lifts of a 7′ spinning rod rigged with 8 lb. Fluorocarbon line ¬†gets the attention of the fish. When that tube jig is lowered back down on a tight line, the bite will either feel mushy as they inhale the bait, or you’ll get a ‘thump’ feeling transmitted in the line. Generally if you feel a thump and your line heads for deeper water or up the break that indicates there is more than one fish present in that area interested in the presentation.

img_1258After catching fish with that scenario we’ll either throw out a marker buoy OR drop a waypoint on the Humminbird so that we can motor back up and redo that same drift immediately. More often than not we can quickly catch 2 or 3 more fish on subsequent passes.

Year after year I enjoy getting young anglers hooked up with some of the biggest bass of their lives and I always encourage img_1326that kids take their parents back to Nagawicka as soon as possible to enjoy the same success in this dragging tube technique!

For information on how to catch these big smallmouth on Nagawicka Lake prior to the spawn in early May, check out this post as their’s Nothing Small about Pre-spawn Smallmouth Bass either!


Family Fishing Nagawicka Lake

Nick, Aaron, and Ben on Nagawicka LakeLast season, Nick’s cousin, Ben, ventured over from Michigan to visit his Lake Country relatives. During that time we had a good time with the kids out on the boat on Nagawicka Lake catching Walleye, Pike, Smallmouth Bass, and even a couple Gar!

img_1732Fast forward nearly a year and Ben has returned to Southeast, Wisconsin and Nick invited him to fish Nagawicka again along with friend Aaron.

The boys got their trip scheduled during a mid-summer cold front that saw the air temperatures drop from the mid 80’s to the mid 60’s within a few short hours. Water temps cooled by 5 degrees and we had a prevailing NNE wind that swung gently to the East during their trip.

img_1735STILL…the boys came out and caught a few fish through some great teamwork and determination.

A 32″ Northern Pike topped the night as Ben hoisted this fish along with a smaller 20″ class fish.

img_1739Several other fish struck short on our deep and shallow presentations and went on to live in the lake without their photograph being captured with one of the boys. We even had a couple gar follow the boys’ baits back to the boat during their retrieve!

Nick didn’t let this nice smallmouth bass get away as he got all 3 treble hooks of his jerk bait solidly into this fish and put it in the net just prior to dark.

Nick is off on to vacation soon and we’ll see Nick and friend, Aaron out to pursue Musky on Pewaukee Lake later on this summer!

Rhys and Kyle Fishing Nagawicka and LaBelle

About this same time last year, Rhys took his 1st fishing trip in the United States after moving to Wisconsin from overseas.

He had quite the adventure catching 10 Northern Pike in 3 hours!

This summer Rhys has had his good friend Kyle, from Dubai, stateside for an extensive stay.

He invited his guest out with HookedUp101 for a couple fishing trips to Nagawicka Lake and Lake La Belle.

Here are a few of the fish they caught!

Gavin and Owen Fish Hard Before Heading North

It was a wonderful opportunity to jump in the boat with brother duo, Owen and Gavin, before they headed north this coming weekend on their family vacation.

It’s quite obvious that the fish on the river in the Phillips, WI area may be in for a few long days when these natural anglers hit the water with dad and grandpa this weekend.

I get the chance to fish with a bunch of HookedUp101 anglers,¬†but when it comes down to it, there aren’t many who work their tails off to catch fish like these boys.

Owen's WalleyeDuring their 3-hour trip on Nagawicka Lake, these guys saturated the water with Swim Jigs and Suspending Jerkbaits.

Conditions were gorgeous but almost too nice as there was barely a breeze on the lake and the high skies/high pressure weather conditions had the fish in a lethargic and lazy state.

The siblings’¬†hard work came to fruition when Owen landed this nice walleye turning their ever-focused-fishing-faces into nothing but smiles!

Unfortunately, Gavin had a Northern only follow him to the boat a few times before turning up his “pointy nose” and swimming off…grrr!

Well done tonight boys! Thanks for the laughs and your dedication to work hard! ¬†Can’t wait to hear stories and share pictures upon your return from the Northwoods!

They’ll be more to read about on this blog about the boys! After all, these¬†guys think fishing is a ‘hit’ during the summer months and I’m sure you’d enjoy recapping how they caught quite a¬†few Pike and Bass after their trip!

Joe and Nick Manage a Few Fish to Start Their Summer Vacation

HookedUp101 anglers, Joe and Nick, arrived at the dock following ANOTHER passage of a late-spring cold front.

Joe had remarked that the weather was “certainly a bit different than last year” and he was spot on.

Things have gotten pushed back as far as the amazing Northern Pike bite on Nagawicka Lake that tends to heat up once the water temperatures reach the magic 70 degree mark.

In fact, less than a week ago, the water temps on ‘Nag’ were consistently reaching the 68-69 degree range later in the afternoon. ¬†However, at the onset of this voyage, the boys and I found 59-61 on our historic “hot spots”.

We quickly covered a few areas deep with live-bait rigs for the first hour and coaxed one smaller, barely legal Pike into eating our small sucker minnows.

Nick quickly had us thinking the bite might be on despite the conditions as he brought a 2nd 29″ fish boat-side.

The camera was at the ready only to have the fish kick its tail and thrash with resistance–resulting in a sawed off fluorocarbon leader a collective groan from the boat..UGH!


Baitfish on Side ImagingThe 2nd hour bite of the boys 3-hour trip was definitely non-exisistent as we graphed and bounced around to a couple of areas…not fishing them unless baitfish were present on the Humminbird Graph.

To salvage the last hour of the trip, the boys moved to casting the shallows in search of a few bass with jerkbaits and 5″ grub tails. ¬†Their repetitive casts towards the outside, emerging weededge resulted in a chunky 16 1/2″ Smallmouth bass pushing up towards the 3lb range.

Nick's Nagawicka Smallmouth

Great teamwork and dedication boys! Fishing after fronts can be tough but I know you’ll be ready for your next together on Nemahbin Lake!