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Weitzer Boys Celebrate Cousin’s Birthday on Nemahbin Lake

Weitzer Boys Celebrate Cousin's Birthday on Nemahbin LakeGot out with the Weitzer boys to celebrate their cousin Ben’s 10th birthday on Nemahbin Lake.

Last year I met the family following a High Interest Day event at Brookfield Elementary School where I was fortunate enough to introduce K-5 students to the sport of fishing.

Following that event, they embarked on a Father’s Day Trip on LaBelle for walleyes and smallmouth.

Now it was time to reconnect for this special birthday celebration with Ben, Noah, and Gabe as we targeted Large and Smallmouth Bass as well as Walleye and Crappie.

We started out casting Havoc Beat Shads, and Gulp Sinking Minnows on the flats of Upper Nemahbin.
The first 30 minutes Noah tangled with a Smallmouth Bass that was kind enough to give us an “aerial hello” before giving a sly smallmouth smile and spitting Noah’s hook.

Then the chilly wind started to blow out of the Southwest so we changed up slightly and started throwing Berkley Cutter 90+s on the windblown flats of Upper Nemahbin and almost instantly Gabe took a nice 16″ walleye.

Around 7:30 a.m. we moved to Lower Nemahbin and started drifting for Crappie with slip bobbers and fatheads minnows. The smaller the minnow the better it seemed. Each drift on key stretches of Lower each had the kids catching at least 1 every pass with a few “escape artist/bait stealers”. The key was keeping the minnows pretty tight to the bottom and in their faces. If we drifted too fast, the bait would come up too high and the Crappie were reluctant to chase.

Finally, we spent the last part of the trip back throwing Cutters on Lower and the Largemouth cooperated there as well, but they were even smaller!

The boys jumped out of the boat at 10:00 a.m. and for Perkins to enjoy some pancakes with mom and dad. Fish stories were told I’m sure!

Youth Angler Redeems His Christmas Gift Certificate to Catch Some Bass with Dad

Last winter, HookedUp101 offered discounted Gift Certificates as a “Black Friday” special for families as a way for our Beginning Fishing Class students to transition into the boat and experience the next level of angling chasing larger gamefish.

Max D. has been fishing with HookedUp101 in the former beginning classes offered in the Waukesha and Pewaukee communities.

His mother contacted me through the Facebook Fan Page to say she was interested in taking advantage of the Black Friday fishing gift certificates as a Christmas present for Max.

Max redeemed his certificate and brought his father out to Nemahbin Lake to catch a few bass using jerkbaits casting to the edge of flats adjacent to deep water.

Below is a clip exhibiting Max’s success! Enjoy and then check out a few other anglers enjoying the great fishing on Nemahbin Lake!