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Pewaukee Lake Summer Fishing Action

Pewaukee Lake Summer Fishing ActionThis week Pewaukee Lake has offered some great summer fishing action for the kids enrolled in HookedUp101’s guided fishing trips offered in partnership with Pewaukee Parks and Recreation Department.

Pewaukee Lake Largemouth BassWith surface water temperatures approaching the low 80 degree mark the larger gamefish have seemed to move their deeper haunts near schools of suspended baitfish and the kids have targeted Northern Pike and Largemouth Bass by using both live bait rigs as well as finesse dropshot rigs respectively to pursue these species.

Pewaukee Lake Bass with SolomonWhile air temperatures hovered around the low to mid-80’s, the fishing action remained hot as well as Colton, Travis, Solomon, Madison, Ryan, Joe, and Aditya all boated some great fish and shared a bunch of laughs while enjoying the great outdoors on their home body of water!

THAT is what summer is all about!

Pewaukee Lake Guide Trips 6-26-17

Pewaukee Lake Guide Trips 6-26-17Pewaukee Lake continues to be pumping out great panfish action for the kids of HookedUp101.

So good in fact that the kids have even resorted to getting experimental to see if they can catch fish using raisins for bait!

If you’re looking to learn more about how to get on consistent panfishing action on Pewaukee Lake with your own kids, feel free to get ahold of me!

The following video recaps trips for Sawyer and his friends Owen, and Noah as well as Owen’s trip with Colin, and Charlie.

Pewaukee Lake Guide Trips 6-20-17

Pewaukee Lake Guide Trips 6-20-17HookedUp101 began guide trips this week on Pewaukee Lake in partnership with the Pewaukee Park and Recreation Department!

Groups of up to 3 anglers are embarking on two 3-hour trips to learn the basics on how to enjoy fishing on Pewaukee Lake.

Tuesday June 20th saw 3 groups go out and become proficient at identifying at least 3 different freshwater fish species, utilizing a spinning rod/reel combo, applying a variety of
artificial and live bait presentations.

The kids are also interpreting down and side imaging sonar as well as GPS and lake counter mapping.

In addition, each participant will receive their very own Shakespeare rod/reel combo with a line, a tack pack sampler and a Hooked Up 101 Fishing Academy t-shirt following their last session.

The following video highlights the 3 groups who took part in the fishing action on Day 1 of these trips! Enjoy!

Pewaukee Lake Musky Trolling with Aaron and Nick

Pewaukee Lake Muskie Trolling with Aaron and NickPewaukee Lake trolling is a popular technique for targeting Musky during the early to mid-summer period.

Nick and Aaron had some great momentum heading into this current trip after catching some nice walleyes and smallmouth bass on Lake LaBelle in Oconomowoc!

They were hoping to let their good fortune ride, and dedicate this next trip to pursuing Wisconsin’s State Fish–The Musky!

During the early summer period, Pewaukee Lake offers a Class A musky fishery right in the heart of Lake Country for anglers of all skill levels to come out and target the fish of 10,000 casts! Based on a recent census, Pewaukee boasts more mature muskies per acre than any other lake in the entire state!

The boys decided that with their trip starting at 4:00pm and the major/full moon rise scheduled for 8:30pm (towards the end of their trip) they’d like to cover water early and then cast for fish when the lunar table seemed most favorable.

Not more than 20 minutes into their trip, on the very first pass over 30 feet of water and some substantial clouds of bait, the clicker on the drag began to scream and Aaron was first to the rod.

Here’s a short video clip on how the boys teamed up to land their first muskie, a 40 1/2″ beauty!

To catch some more Waukesha County Musky fishing action, check out this trip on Oconomowoc Lake that produced a nice 48″ Musky using an alternate technique!

Youth Spend Time Chasing Fish Through the Ice on Pewaukee Lake

Twenty-one students, ages 6-12, ventured onto Pewaukee Lake after school to expand their ice fishing knowledge beyond the basics.

Pewaukee After School Ice FishingPewaukee Elizabeth FishingPewaukee Perch

Their experiences included the opportunity to jig for panfish using the latest in sonar technology from Vexilar, and strategically locating productive areas on the east end of the lake to set finesee tip-ups for Crappie and Walleye after dark.

Vexilars on PewaukeePewaukee Tip-up Pewaukee Walleye

The action-packed and often humorous sessions contained anywhere from 4-6 students each night who invested their time from 4:30pm-6:30pm 2-nights a week throughout the month of February.

Nolan Pewaukee PerchConnors panfish from Pewaukee Lake

During the various group outings, the students faced the elements head-on ranging from warm and slippery glare ice, to blizzard-like conditions.

Through it all, 80% of the students enrolled in these ice fishing opportunities with HookedUp101 caught at least one fish for their efforts and every student shared two unique learnings at the conclusion of each session that they hadn’t previously known related to the sport of ice fishing.

Allie and Kaylees Pewaukee Lake CrappieAJ and Connors Crappie from Pewaukee LakeCrappies in the blizzard on Pewaukee

Some of the added benefits that can’t be denied were the fact that many new friendships were made amongst the groups, cabin-fever was successfully treated by a few students, and one group got to spend time as an extended family doing something new and exciting in the great outdoors with his cousins who were in town for a spell.

To receive updated ice fishing information on how to secure a similar experience for the anglers in your family, please visit the following link:
Ice fishing for kids in Southeast, Wisconsin

New Friends on Pewaukee LakeCousins Catching CrappiesFishing in a snowstorm on Pewaukee Lake