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Pine Lake Northern Pike Fishing

Pine Lake in Waukesha County offers some phenomenal Northern Pike Fishing for kids and families.

The trick to finding these fish is to utilize your boat electronics and scout out potentially productive areas areas while idling before even casting a line.  Watching your graph is key until you come across images that indicate loads of bait fish in the water column!

When you find bait fish stacked between 25-30 feet during the summer months (Beginning of July through the end of August), you will certainly come across some aggressive Northern Pike.

Take a peak at the following video highlighting how we pulled 3 nice Northern Pike from the depths in a short morning trip on Pine.

Pine Lake  can be like that for many game fish species in regards to locating forage before attempting to wet a line. Another example can be seen in a previous post highlight the smallmouth bass action that can be had at Pine Lake in the Fall.

Docks and Deep Water–Two Great Tactics for Bass on Pine Lake

PineLakeWaukeshaSummer time fising on Pine Lake in Waukesha County offers a Large and Smallmouth bass fisherman a variety of options when it comes to techniques for catching fish.
Early in the morning, many of the docks that line this pristine body of water offer some key shady patches that serve as ambush points for bass.
Clients who become proficient as using a Pine Largemouthroll cast are able to skip various soft plastic bait presentations under and around these key bass holding areas and almost call their shot on getting bit.
In areas where the docks are a bit more spaced out, casting parallel to the inside weed lines by making long casts with the same soft plastic baits enables bass enthusiasts the opportunity to catch a few more fish on Pine.
As the shade lines around the docks diminish with the sunrise it’s time to change gears and move to offshore structure that contains concentrated areas of deep rock and weeds.
It’s here that a drop shot bait can be deployed in depths of 14-35 feet of water with success! Click the following link for a more detailed explanation on how the drop shot technique is used to catch deeper fish on lakes like Pine .
During this most recent trip, sharp breaks seemed to hold most of the fish as indicated on our Humminbird Side/Down Imaging Electronics.
Eric2bassDuring the transition from docks to deep water, noticing the clusters of bait fish on the graph close to the bottom with larger marks nearby, will keep an anglers confidence high into the mid-morning hours on Pine Lake.
Typically out here, once you find a sweet spot with the bait fish game fish combo present, you’ll be able to catch a few fish in short order!
As a bonus technique for targeting fish on Pine, if the mid-morning hours offer lots of sunshine and calm conditions (winds 5 mph or less) don’t neglect trying to idle over some of the deepest water (80 feet) on the lake in search of suspended fish.
Often aggressive smallmouth bass will suspend 20 feet down or less and have been known to aggressively pounce on a top water bait like a spook or a popper.
PineLargemouthAs a final tip for fishing the deep water on Pine that can often intimidate bass anglers, any place where you may mark baitfish and gamefish on your graph you should deploy a waypoint on your GPS. These areas are worth checking during subsequent trips even if they don’t cooperate on a given day.
As the summer season winds down, these deep water haunts on Pine will offer consistent Smallmouth bass action during the Fall Fishing season as well with live bait!